An article was accepted!

Our article entitled “Zinc protoporphyrin IX predominantly exists as a complex non-enzymatically bound to apo-hemoglobin in Parma ham” was accepted for publication in “Food Chemistry” (IF = 7.514, 2021). The first author is Zhai (D3).

An article was accepted

A paper entitled “Searching for high ZnPP-forming edible bacteria to improve the color of fermented meat products without nitrite/nitrate” was accepted for publishing in Meat Science (IF = -3.483, 2018) . The first author is Md Asaduzzaman.

An article was accepted

Our article entitled ‘Improving the color of meat products without adding nitrite/nitrate using high zinc protoporphyrin IX-forming microorganisms” was accepted in “Meat Science (IF = -3.483, 2018)”.

An article was accepted.

The article entitled “Lipase and protease production of dairy Penicillium sp. on the milk-protein-based solid substrates” was accepted for publication in “International Journal of Dairy Technology”.

Our paper was accepted.

Our paper entitled “Optimal pH of zinc protoporphyrin IX formation in porcine muscles: effects of muscle fiber type and myoglobin content”, was accepted for publication in “LWT – Food Science and Technology (IF=3.129, 2017)”. The first author is Rimi (D3).