This website provides beginners with material on implementation of non-market valuation (NMV) with R ( NMV methods have been widely applied in the social sciences such as environmental economics, agricultural economics, and transportation economics. Although various methods are associated with NMV, we focus on contingent valuation, discrete choice experiments, best–worst scaling, travel cost method, and hedonic pricing. This website is also a complement to the book Stated Preference Methods Using R.

The contents are currently limited to tutorials on contingent valuation (single- and double-bounded dichotomous choice formats), discrete choice experiments, case 1 best–worst scaling, and case 2 best–worst scaling. We will subsequently improve the tutorials and provide them for the remaining methods as well. Please tell us if you have any comments and/or suggestions for our project. Especially, we are looking forward to feedback from those who have used the contents on this website for teaching in universities (see below for the contact email address).

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  • Fogarty J. and Aizaki H. (2018) An Illustrative Example of Contingent Valuation. NMVR Project Team, Non-Market Valuation with R. URL (accessed on DD/MM/YY).

The contents on this website assume that you are somewhat familiar with R (and RStudio, if necessary). If you are completely unfamiliar with R, you are advised to consult [An Introduction to R] ( or the other support material, which may be found on the websites mentioned below, before referring the contents.

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