Graduate Students

DC3 Md. Asaduzzaman (Asad)

Birthplace:Thakurgaon, Bangladesh
Favorite dairy products:Fermented milk products
I’m into:My daughter
Be patience

DC3 Hung-Cheng Wang

Birthpalce:Kaohsiung Taiwan
Favorite meat dishes:Taiwanese style beef mildew
I’m into:squash
I want to go home all the time quickly, but I can’t stop.


DC2 MD. Kauser UL Alam

Birthplace:Mymensing. Bangladesh
Favorite meat dishes:Beef Biriyani (Bangladeshi traditional food) and Hotchpotch
I’m into:Gardening and fishing
Knowledge is power


MC2 Masashi Iketani

Birthplace:Shizuoka Japan
Favorite meat dishes:Crispy Bacon
I’m into:Training muscle 

I want to eat delicious food.


MC2 Seiya Kato

Birthplace:Aichi Japan
Favorite dairy products & meat dishes:Aloe yogurt、Kakuni
I’m into:Seaweed、Saramesi
It is a fun laboratory to learn with the five senses.


MC2 Yu Kubono

Birthplace:Kyoto Japan
Favorite meat dishes:Shogayaki
I’m into:Foreign movies
I am just a geek.


MC2 Kazuhiro Kuwako

Birthplace:Saitama Japan
Favorite dairy products & meat dishes:Greek yoghurt, cheddar cheese, hamburger steak, pork cutlet
I’m into:Training muscle , Pokemon, Making yogurt 

I am more than happy to eat.


MC2 Shoka Maeda

Birthplace:Kanagawa Japan
Favorite dairy products & meat dishes:Cheese (mold type), lamb
I’m into:Photographing with Mirrorless Single Eye
I have to get a driver’s license …

MC1 Zong-Fei Li

MC1 Peng Zhao

Favorite meat dishes:Bonjiri skewers
I’m into:keyboard
BBQ is the best!

MC1   Napaporn Chintagavongse

Favorite meat dishes:cheese yogurt ice-cream actually any kind of dessert!
I’m into:Take a trip and keep the moment by photo
I’ll be shine like a flower with sun kissed <3


B4 Shinya Kaneko

Birthplace:Fukuoka Japan
Favorite meat dishes:Ox tongue
I’m into:Bananaman
I would like to go to San Sebastian.

B4 Haruka Abe

Birthplace:Saitama Japan
Favorite meat dishes:Kakuni
I’m into:Walking
I really walk a lot.

B4 Minami Okada

Birthplace:Kanagawa Japan
Favorite dairy products & meat dishes:Cheaper cheese, sukiyaki
I’m into:Flexible exercises on the shoulder
I will not fall this winter.

B4 Tomoki Yoneda

Birthplace:Osaka Japan
Favorite dairy products & meat dishes:Yoghurt, hamburger steak
I’m into:Mystery novel
I am dark-skinned. I got suntan with sunlight instead of tanning salon.

B3 Hayate Takiguchi 

B3 Natsumi Maruoka 

B3 Nodoka Miyaki 

B3 Mihae Yamanouchi 

Research Students


 Zhai Yang 

Tan Yeying 

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