Lab equipment

icon Incubator

3x incubators

icon Centrifuge

1x Eppendorf, 1x Coulter, and 3 Others

icon Freezer

1x -80 Deep Freezer, 2x -20 Freezers

icon Thermal cycler

4x thermal cyclers

icon DNA electrophoresis

3x Mupid gel systems, 1x Large gel

icon Protein expression, purification, and in vitro experiments

1x AKTA prime, 1x AKTA start, 1x Lyophilizer, 3x PAGE systems

icon Analytical instruments

1x HPLC system hooked up with UV/Vis and RI detectors (Hitachi), 1x Plate reader (Thermo), 1x Gel-doc system (Biorad), 1x Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer (DeNovix)

icon Others

Sonicator (BRANSON), Liquid handling robot (Coulter), 4x Incubators, Electroporator (Bio-rad), Oven, Microscopes, Clean bench, Chemical hood, Safety cabinet, PCs, pH meter, vortex, and etc

Spring 2019


Winter 2021