The Bartlem Lab
Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
We are a plant biology laboratory that is focused on the problem of root-knot nematode parasites in agriculture. Root-knot nematodes are small parasitic worms that attack the roots of many different crops, severely disrupting root function and plant growth. They also posses the fascinating ability to specifically modify the shape and function of plant cells - something we would like to understand and learn from!

Important notice - lab has closed.
Please be informed that from the 1st April 2014 the Bartlem Lab no longer exists at Hokkaido University. We are extremely grateful for all the support from our colleagues and collaborators over the last 6 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of being part of the scientific community and advances during that time. This is both a moment of sadness and excitement. Although our lab no longer exists, all lab members are moving on to new positions and the next step of their careers. This includes Derek, who has joined KWS SAAT AG. We look forward to maintaining a strong interaction with the scientific community in these new roles!

Derek Bartlem
31 March 2014.

  • Invited seminar on plant cell fate determination.
    Dr Milos Tanurdzic, University of Queensland, Australia
    11am, Friday 7 March 2014, Room S11 [more info] [2014-02-11]
  • Invited seminar on RNA splicing and maize endosperm development.
    Professor Mark Settles, University of Florida, USA
    10am, Friday 7 March 2014, Room S11 [more info] [2014-01-21]
  • Shana and Shuhei's paper has been accepted in the Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering! Updated publications page. [2014-01-20]
  • New publication!
    Bartlem D.G., Jones M.G.K., Hammes UZ. (2014) Vascularization and nutrient delivery at root-knot nematode feeding sites in host roots. Journal of Experimental Botany, in press. [link] [2014-01-10]
  • Another successful outreach!
    Derek visited a high school in eastern Hokkaido farming community, sponsored by Daiichi-Mirai local bank. See the write-up (in Japanese but has photos). [2013-12-13]
  • A party for collaborators and cake for Derek's birthday!
    Check out the photos! [2013-12-13]
  • Derek officially changed back to his original surname of Bartlem (previously Goto), updated all pages. [2013-11-10]
  • New publication!
    Goto D.B., Miyazawa H., Mar J.C., Sato M. (2013) Not to be suppressed? Rethinking the host response at a root-parasite interface. Plant Science, 213: 9-17. [2013-09-18]
  • Up in lights!! Yu has been featured in our official University blog "Spotlight on Research", check it out here. [2013-05-23]

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