Overview of our research group

Silviculture and Forest Ecological Studies

If you would like to join us as a graduate student, please carefully read the following descriptions as for your references. Then please select one of them (Research Topics) and will contact with us by e-mail (tentatively to Koike Takayoshi>tkoike[AT]for.agr.hokudai.ac.jp). Please change the [At] to @ in your mail.

Concept and approach

We have been studying on the sustainability and conservation of forest resources under changing environment based on Silviculture and Forest Ecology. For approacing this goal, we make researches on Forest Ecophysiology, Forest Dynamics and Ecosystem Ecology on the concept of scaling among leaf, individual and community levels. Main research topics are follows; Forest Physiological Ecology, Population Ecology (plants and plant defense) and Reproductive Biology of Trees as listed below: (Please click in each topic.)

Publication list from 2003

The other previous papers can be searched in the data-base of HUSCUP (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers). Forest Science papers are also found in the Research Bulletin of Hokkaido University Forest and Eurasian Journal of Forest Research.

Participation to international conferences and scientific meetings


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