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  1. Analysis on the acclimation mechanisms of woody plants to elevated O3,CO2 and high N loading
  2. Physiological ecology of plant-insects interactions under changing environment
  3. Photosynthesis of woody plants with special references to leaf anatomical structure
  4. Physiological ecology of forest succession

Teaching activities


Research Activities

Research and education activities within Hokkaido University

Most of our research activities are carried out in Hokkaido University Forests fileHUF brief 014.pdf Our main activities are supported by IUFRO 07.00. T.Koike received an Award of 07.00 of 2017

Selected papers

  1. Koike, T., et al.(2012) Growth and photosynthetic responses of cuttings of a hybrid larch (Larix gmelinii var. japonica x L. kaempferi) to elevated ozone and/or carbon dioxide. Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment 6:104-110.
  2. Koike, T. (2009) A trial of revegetation practices with larch species under changing environment. Landscape and Ecological Engineering 5: 97-98 (-167). LEE Special issure
  3. Koike, T. et al. (2006) Defense characteristics of seral deciduous broad-leaved tree seedlings grown under differing levels of CO2 and nitrogen. Population Ecology 48: 23-29.
  4. Kitaoka, S. and Koike, T. (2004) Invasion of broadleaf tree species into a larch plantation: Seasonal light environment, photosynthesis, and nitrogen allocation.Physiol. Plant., 121: 604-611.
  5. Koike, T., Kitao, M., Maruyama, Y., Mori, S., and Lei, T.T. (2001) Leaf morphology and photosynthetic adjustments among deciduous broad-leaved trees within the vertical canopy profile. Tree Physiol., 21: 951-958.
  6. Kitao, M., Lei, T.T., Koike, T., Tobita, H. and Maruyama, Y. (2000) Susceptibility to photoinhibition of three deciduous broadleaf tree species with different successional traits raised under various light regimes. Plant Cell Environ., 23: 81-89.
  7. Rousi, M., Mattson, W.J., Tahvanainen, J., Koike, T., and Uotila, I. (1996) Growth and hare resistance of birches: testing defense theories. Oikos 77:20-30.
  8. Koike, T. (1995) Effects of CO2 in interaction with temperature and soil fertility on the foliar phenology of alder, birch, and maple seedlings. Can. J. Bot., 73 :149-157.
  9. Koike, T.(1990) Autumn coloring, photosynthetic performance and leaf development of deciduous broad-leaved trees in relation to forest succession. Tree Physiol., 7:21-32.
  10. Koike, T. (1988) Leaf structure and photosynthetic performance as related to the forest succession of deciduous broad-leaved trees. Plant Species Biol., 3:77-87.
  11. Koike, T. (1987) Photosynthesis and expansion in leaves of the early, mid, and late successional tree species, birch, ash and maple. Photosynthetica 21:503-508.

Contributions to book chapter in English

All contributions fileEngBook chapter.pdf~

  1. Koike T, Hikosaka K, Kitao M, Agthokleous E, Watanabe Y, Yoko Watanabe Y,Watanabe M, Eguchi N, Funada R (2018) Morphological and photosynthetic responses to increasing CO2, In William W Adams III and Ichiro Terashima (eds) The Leaf: A Platform for Performing Photosynthesis and Feeding the Plant, (in press)
  2. Yamaguchi, T., Watanabe, M., Noguchi, I. and Koike, T. (2017) Tree decline at the somma of Lake Mashu in northern Japan. Air pollution impacts on plant in East Asia (Izuta, T. ed.), Springer Japan, Tokyo, 135-150. DOI: 10.1007/978-4-431-56438-6_9;
  3. Watanabe, M., Hoshika, Y., Koike, T. and Izuta, T. (2017) Combined effects of ozone and other environmental factors on Japanese trees. Air pollution impacts on plant in East Asia (Izuta, T. ed.), Springer Japan, Tokyo, 101-110. DOI: 10.1007/978-4-431-56438-6_6;
  4. Watanabe, M., Hoshika, Y., Koike, T. and Izuta, T. (2017) Effects of ozone on Japanese trees. Air pollution impacts on plant in East Asia (Izuta, T. ed.), Springer Japan, Tokyo, 73-100. DOI: 10.1007/978-4-431-56438-6_5
  5. Koike, T., Watanabe, M., Hoshika, Y., et al.(2013) Effects of ozone on forest ecosystems in Easr and Southeast Asia. In: Matyssek, R., -- E. Paoletti eds.) Climate Change, Air Pollution and Global Challenges. Elsevier Pub. 371-390.
  6. Koike, T. (2012) Silviculture and Forest ecology in a changing environment. In: Agricultural Sciences for Human Sustainability, Kaiseisha, Ohtsu, 121-122.
  7. Koike, T. et al. (2010) Photosynthetic characteristics of trees and shrubs grown at north- and south-facing slopes in central Siberia. , 273-288, (eds. A. Osawa et al.), Springer-V. Permafrost Ecosystem;
    Others 5 chapters. (Seasonal changes in stem radial growth of Larix gmelinii in central Siberia in relation to its climate responses, Characteristics of larch forests in Daxingan Mountains, Northeast China. Carbondynamics of larch plantations in northeastern China and Japan, The role of ectomycorrhiza in boreal forest ecosystem, Effects of elevated CO2 on ecophysiological responses of larch species native to Northeast Eurasia.)
  8. Koike, T., Matsuki, S., Tobita, H., Shibata, T., Kitao, M., Qu. L.Y., Choi, D.S., Konno, K., ns Maruyama, Y. (2006) “Defense characteristics of seedlings of Betula platyphylla var. japonica grown under different levels of CO2 and soil fertility” In:Tree Sap III, Terazawa, M. ed. Hokkaido University Press, Sapporo, 133-140.
  9. Yazaki, K., Maruyama, Y., Mori, S., Koike, T. and Funada, R. (2005) Effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentration on wood structure and formation in trees, Plant responses to air pollution and global change. (eds. Omasa, K. Nouchi, I. De Kok, L J.), Springer Tokyo, pp 89-97.
  10. Koike, T., Kitaoka, S., Ichie, T., Lei, T.T. and Kitao, M. (2004) Photosynthetic characteristics of mixed broadleaf forests from leaf to stand.  In: Shiomi, M. and Kawahata, H. eds. Global Environmental Change in the Ocean and on land. TerraPub?, Tokyo 453-472.
  11. Koike, T. (2004) Autumn coloration, carbon acquisition, and leaf senescence. Eds: L.D. Nooden: Plant Cell Death Processes. Elsevier-Academic Press. Amsterdam, San Diego. 245-258.
  12. Schulze, E-D., Bazzaz, F.A., Nadelhoffer, K., Koike, T. and Takatsuki, S. (1996) SCOPE Series. Functional roles of biodiversity: A global perspective. Mooney, H.A., Cushman, J.H., Medina, E., eds. “Biodiversity and ecosystem function of temperate deciduous broad-leaved forests” Jone Wiler & Sons, Chichester, New York, Shingapore,. 71-98.
  13. Reich, P.B., Koike, T, Gower, S.T. and Schoetlle, A (1995) Ecophysiology of coniferous forests. W.K. Smith and T.M. Hinkley eds. “Causes and consequences of variation in conifer leaf life-span”, Academic Press, San Diego, 225-254.
  14. Koike, T. (1995) Vegetation Science in Forestry: Global Perspective based on Forest Ecosystems of East & Southeast Asia. E.O. Box et al. eds., “Physiological ecology of the growth characteristics of Japanese mountain birch in northern Japan: a comparison with Japanese mountain white birch”, Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, 409-422.

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