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About our Laboratory

Our main objective is to improve the agricultural productivities on major food crops cultivated in the fields under abiotic stresses,

such as drought, cool weather damage etc..

We are focusing on the topics which concern with the relations between the environmental factors and

the morphogenesis, photosynthetic production, remobilization of plants under the field conditions.

These studies will advance the fundamental theories of agricultural sciences.


Research Topics

Drought tolerance improvements in tetraploid and hexaploid wheat

Due to the global warming, most of the major wheat cultivation regions are jeopardized by droughts.

Our laboratory is studying on the relevant morphological/physiological traits,

e.g. root systems, canopy photosynthesis, ear photosynthesis etc. through field based biometric techniques to improve the wheat drought tolerance.

High-yielding abilities on Hokkaido rice varieties developed in high latitude and cool environments

We are studying the relevant characteristics through which the rice productivity can be improved in the high latitude and cold regions.

The rice productivity improvements in such regions would have great impact for the global food security as the photoperiod sensitivity

and narrow cultivation window have been serious constraints.

We are providing valuable agronomic information for moving forwards high the yielding rice breeding through interacting with the rice research institutes.

Productivity improvements on C4 photosynthesis crops under cool environments


Information for Graduate School

In order to enter this laboratory, you have to pass an entrance examination of graduate school, Hokkaido University..