Welcome to Crop Science Laboratory, Hokkaido University



About our Laboratory

Our main objective is to improve the agricultural productivities, and the materials we are studying on are food crops.

Focusing on the topics which concern with the relations between environmental factors and morphogenesis, matter production, translocation mainly under the field conditions.

With the information we harvested, we are also studying the ecophysiological control of field crops.

We also focus on the topics which concern with the increasing tolerance of environmental stress, such as drought, cool weather damage etc.

These studies should give us the fundamental theories to agricultural technologies.


Research Topics

E Drought tolerance improvements in wheat


E High-yielding abilities on Hokkaido rice varieties


E Photosynthetic characteristics on C4 crops under cool environments


Information for Graduate School

In order to enter this laboratory, you have to pass an entrance examination of graduate school. Please check the details a banner below.