* Overview of our research group [#f148ac4f]
 ** Silviculture and Forest Ecological Studies [#ac453c98]
 If you would like to join us as a graduate student, please carefully read the following descriptions as for your references. Then please select one of them (Research Topics) and will contact with us by e-mail (tentatively to [[Koike Takayoshi]]>tkoike[AT]for.agr.hokudai.ac.jp). Please change the [At] to @ in your mail.
 ** Concept and approach [#cb912697]
 We have been studying on the sustainability and conservation of forest resources under changing environment based on Silviculture and Forest Ecology. For approacing this goal, we make researches on Forest Ecophysiology, Forest Dynamics and Ecosystem Ecology on the concept of scaling among leaf, individual and community levels.  Main research topics are follows; Forest Physiological Ecology, Population Ecology (plants and plant defense) and Reproductive Biology of Trees as listed below: (Please click in each topic.)                                 
 ** Research Topics [#y57986e0]
 - [[Forest Physiological Ecology>./Ecophy]]:Ecophysiological analysis in the responses of forest plants to changing environments, such as elevated CO2, nitrogen deposition and soil acidification for sustainability of forest resources.
 - [[Population Dynamics>./regeneration]]:Analysis on the species composition and stand structure for understanding forest dynamics in Silviculture. An example is shown in the study on Forest Regeneration for [[spruce and fir>http://www.geocities.jp/iijima_web/e/research/research.html#fl]];~
 --Biological interaction analysis in grazing by insect herbivore ([[plant defense]]) and symbiosis of ectomycorrhiza and legume ([[microbe]]).
 - [[Reproduction Biology in Trees>./Reprodction]]:Reproductive ecology for understanding and improvement of forest regeneration and conservation of forest resources.
 ** Publication list from 2003 [#t98cbdac]
 - [[List>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?%B8%A6%B5%E6%BE%D2%B2%F0%2F%B6%C8%C0%D3%A5%EA%A5%B9%A5%C8]]
 The other previous papers can be searched in the data-base of [[HUSCUP>http://eprints.lib.hokudai.ac.jp/dspace/index.jsp]] (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers). Forest Science papers are also found in the [[Research Bulletin of Hokkaido University Forest>http://eprints.lib.hokudai.ac.jp/dspace/handle/2115/24500]] and [[Eurasian Journal of Forest Research>http://eprints.lib.hokudai.ac.jp/dspace/handle/2115/22025?locale=en]].
 ** Participation to international conferences and scientific meetings [#nc846b03]
 -[[Conference list 2012>研究紹介/シンポジウム等2012]]~
 -[[Conference list 2011>研究紹介/シンポジウム等2011]]~
 Major conferences where most of the lab members attended (such as annual meetings of the Japanese Forest Society, the Ecological Society of Japan, and the Boreal Forest Society) may be excluded from the lists.
 -[[Contents of each conference below>International meeting E]]
 (ICSA08)・・・・・"Sustainability on Food, Feed, Fiber, Water, Energy: Science, Technologies, and Global Strategies"~
 [[Proceedings on line>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/ICSA08/framepage1.html]]
 +Japan-Australia International symposium od the topic of "Biological interactions with plant roots and aerial tissues"~
 [[Target of the symposium>http://gotolab.cris.hokudai.ac.jp/JapAus08/home.html]].~
 ** Awards [#bd9a4649]
 ***Fiscal year 2011 [#m2dd3f4e]
 -Hoshika Yasutomo; Effects of ozone on stomatal response for Fagus crenata grown under free air ozone exposure. Excellent Poster Award, ISAM 2012, March 2012, Osaka.~
 -Novriyanti, Eka; Best Presentation Award. Hokkaido University G-COE RA Program. Sapporo, Japan, March 13th, 2012.
 -Sato, K. , Makoto, K., Shibuya, M., Koike, T.; Effect of understory vegetation on different successional groups of seedlings regenerating in a deciduous broad-leaved forest after a surface fire.Excellent Poster Award, The 59th of Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan,  March, 2012 Otsu.~
 ***Fiscal year 2010 [#t918b500]
 - Eka Novriyanti; Excellent Research Award. Hokkaido University G-COE RA Program. Sapporo, March 2011.
 ***Fiscal year 2009 [#v3993420]
 - Kobayashi Makoto; Poster prize in the 57th meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan, 2010 March (in Japanese). Fire derived charcoal regulates seedling regeneration in the post-fire forest in Russian Far East. 
 ***Fiscal year 2008 [#zedf5f5a]
 - Kim YongSuk; Excellent Research Award. Effect of surface fire on carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide fluxes in a white birch forest in northern Japan. EES/GCOE-RA Joint Research Meeting, Hokkaido University G-COE RA Program, March 2009.
 ***Fiscal year of 2006 [#f8156431]
 - The first prize in Japanese Society of Ecologists No.54(Outstanding award of the poster session in succession and regeneration section). Iijima H. and Shibuya M. (Title: Effects of micro-environment in the fallen logs on the seed germination of '''Picea jezoensis''' and '''Abies sakhalinensis''')
 - Contest in the outstanding student of forest science paper No.17 organized by the Japanese Association of Forest Technology(Prize of the commissioner of Japanese Forest Technology Association. Mr. Motoshi Tomita (Title: The local forest-stand structure affecting the dynamics of pollination of '''Picea jezoensis''' at sub-alpine zone)
 - Outstanding Graduate student award by Sapporo Society for Agricultural Promotion to Dr. H. Iijima.
 - Academic Award of the Japanese Forest Society in 2006 to Dr. T.Koike, (Title: Leaf morphology and photosynthetic adjustments among deciduous broad-leaved trees within the vertical canopy profile.)
 - Academic Contribution Award to the Japanese Forest Technology Association in 2006 to Dr. T.Koike,
 ***Fiscal year of 2005 [#f60ac882]
 - Contest in the outstanding student of forest science paper No.16 organized by the Japanese Association of Forest Technology(Prize of the president of Japanese Society of Forest). Mr. Naoki Ohnuma (Title: Analysis on the recovery of forets stand structure in a deciduous broadleaf forest after the typhoon damages in 1954.)
 ***Fiscal year of 2004 [#mb815086]
 - Contest in the outstanding student of forest science paper No.15 organized by the Japanese Association of Forest Technology(Prize of the president of Japanese Society of Forestry). Ms. Kanako Sekine (Title: Sex expression and fruiting capacity in '''Acer mono''')
 - Contribution Award for the International Congress on Air Pollution and Global Changes in 2004 to Dr. T.Koike,
 - Educational Award for the Outstanding Chinese Students in 2004 to Dr. T.Koike

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