R. Hatano & G. Guggenberger (eds)
Symptom of Environmental change in Siberian Permafrost Region
Hokkaido University Press, Sapporo, Japan

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Preface and Contents

CO2, CH4, and N2O fluxes from a larch forest soil in Central Siberia
Tomoaki Morishita, Yojiro Matsuura, Olga A. Zyryanova, and Anatoly P. Abaimov

Greenhouse gas emissions from a Siberian alas ecosystem near Yakutsk, Russia
Fumiaki Takakai, Alexey R. Desyatkin, Larry Lopez, Ryusuke Hatano, Alexander N. Fedorov, and Roman V. Desyatkin

Impact of soil temperature and soil moisture on GHG fluxes from an Eastern Siberian Taiga soil at Yakutsk, Russia
Takahiro Koide, Ryusuke Hatano, and Trofim C. Maximov

Contribution of forest fire and land covers to emissions of CO2, CH4 and N2O in Central Yakutia
Ryusuke Hatano, Fumiaki Takakai, Tomoaki Morishita, Gen Takao, and Roman V. Desyatkin

Changes in surface methane flux after a forest fire in West Siberia
Tomoko Nakano

Landscape controls of CH4 fluxes and soil organic matter in a catchment of the forest tundra at the lower Yenissej
Heiner Flessa, Andrej Rodionov, Jens Dyckmans, and Georg Guggenberger

Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics

The contribution of black carbon to the carbon storage in a permafrost ecosystem
Georg Guggenberger, Andrej Rodionov, Matthias Grabe, Oleg A. Kasansky, Olga Shibistova, and Heiner Flessa

Soil organic carbon losses from seasonally-frozen soils of agricultural ecosystems in West Siberia for the 20th century
Olga Rusalimova, Oleg Savenkov, Natalia Smirnova, and Pavel Barsukov

Decomposition of labile and recalcitrant soil organic matter of Gleyic Cryosols in permafrost region of Siberia
Olga Rusalimova and Pavel Barsukov

Comparative study on soil carbon storage of permafrost ecosystems in northeastern Eurasia
Yojiro Matsuura

Soil nitrogen dynamics in a larch forest, Central Siberia: A short review of preliminary results
Satoru Hobara, Naoko Tokuchi, Kazuma Kondo, Anatoly Prokushkin, Muneto Hirobe, Yojiro Matsuura, Takuya Kajimoto, Akira Osawa, and Anatoly P. Abaimov

DOC in streams and soils in forested watershed underlain by continuous permafrost: a seasonal pattern
Anatoly S. Prokushkin, Satoru Hobara, Irina V. Tokareva, Stanislav G. Prokushkin, and Anatoly P. Abaimov

Dissolved N2O and CH4 in seepage and stream water in Yakutsk
Takuji Sawamoto, Fumiaki Takakai, Alexey R. Desyatkin, Roman V. Desyatkin, and Ryusuke Hatano

Surface water chemistry in a continuous permafrost region, Central Yakutia, Eastern Siberia
Osamu Nakahara, Fumiaki Takakai, Alexey R. Desyatkin, Ryusuke Hatano, and Roman V. Desyatkin

Fate of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in forest tundra soil systems with differing permafrost regime
Masayuki Kawahigashi

Continuous measurement of soil respiration at a larch forest in Eastern Siberia
Takashi Hirano, Larry Lopez, Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Takashi Machimura, Go Iwahana, Satoshi Tamura, Yuji Kodama, Alexander N. Fedorov, and Masami Fukuda

Forest Disturbance and Management

Safe sites of larch seedlings in the lightly burnt forest in Eastern Siberia
Tetsuoh Shirota, Hideyuki Saito, Trofim C. Maximov, Alexander P. Isaev, Kunihide Takahashi

Future perspectives of forest management in a Siberian permafrost area
Kunihide Takahashi

Microbiological Functions

Both sand particles and organic substances enhance activity of free-living, nitrogen-fixing bacteria inhabiting soil of permafrost terrain in East Siberia
Yasuyuki Hashidoko, Tomoya Ohchi, Ryusuke Hatano, and Satoshi Tahara

Effects of soil freeze-thaw cycles on microbial biomass and organic matter decomposition, nitrification and denitrification potential of soils
Yosuke Yanai and Koki Toyota

Dynamics of CO2 evolution of arctic soils from Northern Siberia and Scandinavia
Manfred Bolter, Rolf Muller, Wiebke Muller-Lupp, and Nathalie Soethe

Geocryological Function

Preliminary results of the micro-topographical change and its effects on the active layer in boreal forest near Yakutsk, Eastern Siberia
Yuki Sawada

Thermokarst transformation of soil cover on cryolithozone flat territories
Roman V. Desyatkin and Alexey R. Desyatkin

Present post-disturbance dynamics of permafrost in Central Yakutia
Alexander N. Fedorov

Salt and water movement in a Forest-Alas ecosystem in Central Yakutia, Eastern Siberia
Larry Lopez, Anatoli Brouchkov, Hiroyoshi Nakayama, Fumiaki Takakai, Alexander N. Fedorov, and Masami Fukuda

Influence of clear-cutting on thermal and hydrological regime in the active layer near Yakutsk, Eastern Siberia
Go Iwahana, Takashi Machimura, Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Alexander N. Fedorov, and Masami Fukuda

Geographical Information

Disturbance and forest cover change mapping in Siberia with Earth observation
Soren Hese, Christiane Schmullius, and the SIBERIA-II Team

Use of remote sensing for estimating global warming potential at permafrost area in East-Siberia
Sonoko D. Kimura, Gen Takao, Keiji Kushida, Fumiaki Takakai, Takahiro Koide, and Ryusuke Hatano