The year 2000

  Kimura: Effect of clearance upon single shear performance of drift-pin joints
  Tansho: Dry of softwood lumber and rationality of manufacture-production system
  Nomura: Structural performance and its indication for wooden house
  Noda: Possibility of wooden semi-rigid frame for life space with high lighting
  Fukaya: Subject of wood recycle
  Kanamaru(MC): Partial compressive property of wood
  Yamaguchi(MC): Design and execution of work of the stake on sloping ground

 The year 2001

  Kitagawa: Density distribution characteristics for wood properties index of Karamatsu
  Namura: Strength of Anchor-bolt joints of wooden house
  Fujimori: Make a span table used to determine the cross-section of member on traditional wooden structure
  Nakaii(MC): Study on development of production system for structural member produced in Hokkaido
  Mochida(MC): Effect of end and edge distance upon strength of nailed joint

 The year 2002

  Akeni: Structure of a pit dwelling in campus of Hokkaido University
  Tadooka: Distribution of strength in the Sugi stem
  Hatauchi: Pull-up resistance of wood dowel joints -effect of species-
  Miura: Evaluation of wind resistance of Poplar with decay
  Kimura(MC): Evaluation of shear performance of log-house wall
  Fukaya(MC): Study on recycle of demolition residuals
  Yanaga(DC): Study on evaluation method of resistance of nailed shear wall
  Dansoh(DC): Bending strength and stiffness of butt-jointed glulam beams for residential construction

 The year 2003

  Ogata: Effect of a quantity of curing agent upon adhesive properties of urea resin adhesives
  Hinamoto: Pull-up resistance of wood dowel joints -effect of species of dowel-
  Fukumoto: Wood properties of sapling wood
  Namura(MC): Shear performance of Anchor-bolt joints of wooden house

 The year 2004

  Takahashi: Application of wood dowel joint to post-beam construction
  Muto: Property and effect of production district of Aodamo used as bat
  Tadooka(MC): Analysis of change of wood property in the Sugi stem
  Horie(DC): Basic study of wood structures on limit status design

 The year 2005

  Teranishi: Wood properties of planting tree
  Nishio: Caving resistance of steel washers on timber
  Maeda: Shrinkage properties of sapling wood (hardwood)
  Fukumoto(MC): Mechanical properties of MDF produced by adhesives containing lignin

 The year 2006

  Ii: Reinforce of wood dowel joint to avoid split fracture
  Ikeda: Estimation for shape of cross-section of tree by nondestructive measurement
  Sakurai: Estimation of stiffness of timber construction and joints using longitudinal natural frequency method
  Motoyama: Estimation of reaction coefficient using deformation of tree occurred by wind
  Takahashi(MC): Application of wood dowel joint for post-beam wall
  Honma(MC): Study on seismic strengthening for wall with deterioration of existing wooden house
  Muto(MC): Evaluation of wood property of Aodamo used as bat