* Seminar [#e5cb34e5]
 We have been discussion on the research topics of Silviculture and Forest Ecology based on the following seminars:
 ** Seminar in progress [#d3d1913b]
 - Research proposal by all students and PD fellows: around April, September, December
 - Traing for presentation before the annual meeting of [[Boreal Forest Society>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/jfs-h/]] and [[Japan Forest Society>http://www.forestry.jp/english/]]
 - [[Luncheon seminar 2014-2015>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?Luncheon%20seminar%202014]] leaded by Ms. Hanami Watanabe (Ms. Mariko Toda ~Aug, 2015 at Univ. Alberta)
 ** Previous topics [#a80e1cc5]
 - [[Luncheon seminar 2013-2014>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?Luncheon%20seminar%202013]] conducted by Mr. Akira Sakuma
 - [[Luncheon seminar 2012-2013>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?Luncheon%20seminar%202012]]: Weekly seminars in which summary of research papers or brief topic about forest is presented.
 - [[Luncheon seminar>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?Luncheon%20seminar%202011]] conducted by Mr. Monta Oikawa in 2011-2012
 - [[Luncheon seminar>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?cmd=edit&page=Luncheon%20seminar%202010]] conducted by Shimpei Tatsuta in 2010
 - [[Luncheon seminar>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?%CA%AC%CC%EE%A5%BC%A5%DF%2FLuncheon%20seminar%202009]] conducted by Chiho Aoyama in 2009
 - [[Luncheon seminar E]] conducted by [[Koharu Ryu>Ryu Koharu]] (OG) in 2008
 - [[Research proposal 2008]] by all students and PD fellows
 - Research proposal 2007 by all students and PD fellows.
 - [[Statistics "R" for instruction>http://www7.atwiki.jp/hayatoiijima/pages/34.html]] by Dr. Iijima Hayato.
 - [[Extending the linear model with "R">http://www7.atwiki.jp/hayatoiijima/pages/33.html]] 
 - [[Textbook: Plant Ecology Springer-Verlag>http://www.springer.com/dal/home/generic/search/results?SGWID=1-40109-22-32181018-0]];Making summary in each chapter and discussion. The organizer is Mr. Makoto Kobayashi.
 - [[Textbook: Invasive Species in a Changing World>http://books.google.com/books?hl=ja&lr=&id=hCoJiTo7I3wC&oi=fnd&pg=RA1-PR19&dq=Invasive+Species+in+a+Changing+World&ots=OJsjr_HvDA&sig=3w0Dwbe3iLxXS1FruJuXhAxblow#PPR8,M1]] ;Making summary in each chapter and discussion as listed in Japanese part of this HP. Seminar had finished. Organizer was Mr. Karaki Takayuki.
 - Training for the Oral presentation of Master Course Examination
 - Training for the PhD course examination

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