** Luncheon seminar 〜弁当片手に耳学問♪〜[#sbff46ee]
 *発表者大募集!! [#n5f923c3]
 *Lancheon Seminar 2008 は終了致しました。 [#u964f2f5]
 引き続き,2009年からもよろしくお願い致します。- 担当:笠
 ***0227 [[中路達郎>http://www-cger.nies.go.jp/cger-j/fellow/nakaji/f_nakaji-j.html]](現 北大FSC)「ストレス生理学の新展開-個葉・地域・根圏研究までリモートセンシング最前線-」 [#fcf70868]
 +Nakaji, T., Noguchi, K., and Oguma, H. (2008) Classification of rhizosphere components using visible-near infrared spectral images. Plant and Soil, 310, 245-261.
 +Nakaji, T., Ide, R., Takagi, K., Kosugi, Y., Ohkubo, S., Nishida, K., Saigusa, N. and Oguma, H. (2008) Utility of spectral vegetation indices for estimation of light conversion efficiency in managed coniferous forests in Japan. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 148, 776-787.
 +Nakaji, T., Fukami, M., Dokiya, Y. and Izuta, T. (2001) Effects of high nitrogen load on growth, photosynthesis and nutrient status of '''Cryptomeria japonica''' and '''Pinus densiflora''' seedlings. Trees, 15, 453-461. 
 * 新年特別企画ー3年生が興味のある分野について発表しますー [#i4422011]
 ***0213 [[稲田友弥]]「熱帯生態系保全研究の最前線!」 [#t07d49c7]
 -Page S. et al. ([[on line:http://www.springerlink.com/content/101552/?Content+Status=Accepted]]) Restoration Ecology of Lowland Tropical Peatlands in Southeast Asia: Current Knowledge and Future Research Directions, Ecosystems
 ***0206 [[佐藤香織]] 「北海道の森林の悩みを解決!?ササが天然更新に与える影響」 [#v8dcc1d5]
 -Abe M. et al. (2002) The effect of Sasa and canopy gap formation on tree regeneration in an old beech forest, J. Vegetation Sciense 13: 565-574, &ref(0206佐藤.pdf);~
 (0130 卒論発表会のためお休み)
 ***0123 [[岩崎ちひろ]]「熱帯林における倒木ギャップと生物多様性の維持」 [#ic4552f7]
 Schnitzer S.A. and Carson W.P. (2001) TREEFALL GAPS  AND THE MAINTENANCE OF  SPECIES DIVERSITY  IN A TROPICAL FOREST, Ecology 82:913-919.&ref(0123岩崎.pdf);
 ***0116 [[末次直樹]] 「高CO&size(7){2};が分解系に与える影響〜土壌動物の視点から〜+ブラジル訪問記」[#y3de1544]
 * 2008年の発表[#sbff46ee]
 ***081212 [[城田徹央]](Shirota Tetsuou)[#x47b3013] [スギ幹材積成長におよぼす個体サイズ、局所競争、および林冠閉鎖の影響]
 INOUE,S. et al.(2008) Effects of individual size, local competition and canopy closure on the stem volume growth in a monoclonal Japanese cedar('''Cryptomeria japonica''' D. Don) plantation. Ecol.Res.23:53-964.
 ***081205 [[長谷川由布子]](Hasegawa Yuko) [#b6d643a9][間伐と火入れがマツの養分状態に与える影響]
 Sala A. et al.(2005)Physiological responses of ponderosa pine in western Montana to thining and burning. Tree Phisiology 25:339-348 &ref(1205長谷川.pdf);~
 ***081128 [[永美暢久(Nagami Nobuhisa)>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/formac/forman/member/member.html]][カエルとサンショウウオの繁殖に効果的な森林環境とは!?] [#m58d7bd5]
 ***081128 [[矢沢俊悟]](Yazawa Shungo)[[日中韓での比較からハリギリの生育に最適な地理・地形要因を考える]] [#n45c65d5]
 Lee DK and Kang HS (2002) Distribution of '''Kalopanax septemlobus''' and Its Growth in Northeast Asia. Eurasian J For Res 5: 85-94.
 ***081121 [[江口則和]](Eguchi Norikazu)[二酸化炭素の付加によってカンバ類とケヤマハンノキはどう光合成を変化させるか!?] [#vd6a1eb6]
 Eguchi N, et al. (2008) Photosynthetic responses of birch and alder saplings grown in a free air CO2 enrichment system in northern Japan. Trees 22: 437-447 &ref(1121江口.pdf);
 ***081114 (中止します) [#q3a5a55e]
 ***081107 [[野沢友裕]](Nozawa Tomohiro) [#t66153f4]
 -Matsuyama S & Sakimoto M (2008) Allocation to reproduction and relative reproductive costs in two species of Deoecions Anacardiaceae with contrasting phenology, Annals of Botany 101:1391-1400
 ***081031 [[末次直樹]](Suetsugu Naoki) [土壌動物相と生物多様性との関係は?][#gb79d8d9]
 "Forest Diversity and Function" Chap. 11: Linkage Between Tree Diversity, Soils Fauna and Ecosystems
 ***081017 [[飯島勇人]](Iijima Hayato) [東北大滞在中の研究報告][#c253a2f5]
 ***081010 [[渡邊陽子]](Watanabe Youko) [#h94f04c9]
 ***081003 [[矢沢俊悟]](Yazawa Shungo) [#kfe55c3e]
 ***080919 [[伊森允一]](Imori Masakazu) [窒素付加が光合成能力に与える影響][#y2c5633c]
 ***080725 [[日向潔美]](Hinata Kiyomi) [顕微鏡で観る環境条件によるタンニン分布の違い][#hb60cdf2]
 -F. Bussotti, E. Gravono, P. Grossoni & C. Tani(1998) Occurrence of tannins in leaves of beech trees('''Fagus sylvatica''') along an ecological gradient, detected by histochemical and ultrastructural analyses: New Phytlogist 138: 469-479
 ***080718  唐木貴行(Karaki Takayuki) [種子の位置によって特徴が変わる] [#x092600f]
 -David J. Susko (2006) Effect of ovule position on patterns of seed maturation and abortion in '''Robinia pseudoacacia''' (Fabaceae): Can. J. Bot. 84: 1259-1265&ref(0718唐木.pdf);~
 ***080711  青山千穂(Aoyama Chiho) [CNB仮説を棄却せよ!?] [#k090db22]
 -Jason G. Hamilton, Arthur R. Zangerl, Evan H. DeLucia and May R. Berenbaum (2001) The carbon-nutrient balance hypothesis:its rise and fall. Ecological Letters 4:86-95
 ***080627 [[浦田格]] (Urata Tsutomu) [風害リスクに対する理想的な施業体系は?] [#pa05d469]
 -Barry Gardiner, Bryan Marshall, Alexis Achim, Rex Belcher and Colin Wood (2005) The stability of different silvicultural systems: a wind-tunnel investigation. Forestry 78(5): 471-484. &ref(0627浦田.pdf);~
 ***080620 [[北岡哲>http://satobeide.gozaru.jp/study.htm]]  (Satoshi Kitaoka)[針葉樹の窒素利用][#y206f33a]
 -Warren CR and MA Adams(2004)Evergreen trees do not maximize instantaneous photosynthesis, Trends in Plant Science 9:270-274. &ref(0620北岡.pdf);
 ***080611  [[渡辺誠]] ([[Makoto Watanabe]]) [植林すると温暖化が進むの???] [#de062aaa]
 -Frank Keppler, John T. G. Hamilton, Marc Braβ and Thomas Rockmann (2006) Methane emissions from terrestrial plants under aerobic conditions. Nature 439: 187-191.
 -Frank Keppler, John T. G. Hamilton, W. Colin McRoberts, Ivan Vigano, Marc Braß and Thomas Rockmann (2008)
 Methoxyl groups of plant pectin as a precursor of atmospheric methane: evidence from deuterium labelling studies. New phytol 178: 808-814. &ref(0611渡辺.pdf);
 ***080602 小池孝良 ([[Koike Takayoshi]])[カラマツがC4ってホント?!] [#s59a8586]
 +Fry, D.J. and Phillips, I.D.J. (1976) Photosynthesis of conifers in relation to annual growth cycles and dry matter production, 1: Some C4 characteristics in photosynthesis of Japanese Larch ('''Larix leptolepis'''). Physiologia Plantarum 37: 185-190.
 +Richards, J. H. and J. A. Teeri (1982) Re-evaluation of proposed C4 photosynthetic characteristics in the genus '''Larix'''. Physiologia Plantarum 55:117-120.
 +Eguchi, N., et al. (2004) Changes in morphology, anatomy and photosynthetic capacity of needles of Japanese larch ('''Larix kaempferi''') seedlings grown in high CO2 concentrations. Photosynthetica 42: 173-178. ('''Larix leptolepis'''='''Larix kaempferi''')
 +Qu, Laiye et al. (2004) Allocation of 14C-Carbon in two species of larch seedlings infected with ectomycorrhizal fungi. Tree Physiology 24: 1369-1376.
 +Choi, D.S. (2008) Ecophysiological study of the growth of conifers in Korea in acidified soil with elevated CO2: The role of ectomycorrhizal infection. Eurasian J For Res 11: 1-39.
 ***080530 丸上裕史 (Hiroshi Marugami)[顕花植物のエアレンチマの形成過程を再考!耐湛水の機構に迫る] [#pa05d469]
 -Seago James L. Jr, Marsh Leland C., Stevens Kevin J.,  Soukup Ales, Votrubova Olga, Enstone Daryl E.(2005)
 A Re-examination of the Root Cortex in Wetland Flowering Plants With Respect to Aerenchyma, Annals of Botany. Flooding Stress. 96(4):565-579
 ***080523 [[笠小春]](Koharyu Ryu)[窒素負荷はこれを読むべし!] [#s9816ef5]
 -Tatsuro Nakaji, Motohiro Fukami, Yukiko Dokiya and Takeshi Izuta(2001)Effects of high nitrogen load on growth, photosynthesis and nutrient status of '''Cryptomeria japonica''' and '''Pinus densiflora''' seedlings, Trees 15:453-461; &ref(0523笠.pdf);~
 ***080516  [[小池孝良]] ([[Koike Takayoshi]]) [熱中してます;ニセアカシア] [#w70cba78]
 -Feng, Z., J. Dyckmans and H. Flessa (2004) Effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentration on growth and N2 fixation of young '''Robinia pseudoacacia'''. Tree Physiology 24: 323–330. [[Summary・要旨>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=0516%BE%AE%C3%D3.pdf&refer=%CA%AC%CC%EE%A5%BC%A5%DF%2FLuncheon%20seminar%202008]]~
 ***080509 [[小林真]] ([[Makoto Kobayashi]]) [生態系における炭の役割に関する文献シリーズ] [#g9203534]
 1) 発表のコンセプト~
 A series of works by   [[Dr. Thomas H DeLuca >http://www.cfc.umt.edu/PersonnelDetail.aspx?id=1147]] 
 2) 紹介文献:~
 +Wildfire-produced charcoal directly influences nitrogen cycling in ponderosa pine forests(2006)~
 SSSAJ 70: 448-453~
 +Charcoal and shrubs modify soil processes in ponderosa pine forests of western Montana(2006)~
 Plant and Soil 287: 257-266~
 +Frequent fire alters nitrogen transformations in ponderosa pine stands of the inland northwest(2006)~
 Ecology 87: 2511-2522
 * [[2009年度はこちら>http://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/fres/silv/index.php?%CA%AC%CC%EE%A5%BC%A5%DF%2FLuncheon%20seminar%202009]] [#a9daa16c]

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